A short, challenging 2D platformer made for speedrunning. You can beat this game in three minutes, but you won't.

  • Start each level only able to run and jump.
  • Collect power ups to increase your movement abilities. 
  • Switches will appear in later levels with special effects, experiment with them!
  • Some levels may seem hopeless, but they can be beaten! If you're stuck, try a different approach.


(controller button/keyboard key)

Up on the d-pad/M: Toggle Mini-map
Down on the d-pad/F1: Toggle Stats
Start button/Esc key: Pause Menu
A button/space key: Jump
(move) + X button/shift: Dash

Hold jump for a higher (variable) jump height.

A controller is highly recommended!

Warning-- Progress is not reliably saved in browser mode following some updates. Download the game to access your highscores and level unlocks across builds! I'll fix this in a future update.--

Music credits: 

The River - Rolemusic 

Calahorra - Rolemusic 

Ambient Music - Marching Dream

Face The Obelisk - ProvidedPlay


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I love games that challenge me, because believe me I am stubborn and refuse to admit defeat!

If Alive, Run starts off pretty rough and only increases the tempo from there, which I can appreciate. Might as well thrown you in at the deep end and say good luck to ya!

Determination and the ability to accept that you need to die several times to figure out each level is what you need to progress here, and it certainly carried me through quite a bit of the content here! But... I have to be honest. I was beaten by this game. I did not complete the If Alive, Run challenge and now lay down the gauntlet to every other avid rage game player out there... can you get further than me? And if you can, can you tell me how pretty please and thanks very much?

Hats off to Provided Play, this was a really fun experience, still annoyed at myself for not being able to 100% it but I just need to live with it! Keep up the great work =)

also , its really annoying having to press r to restart everytime , that should be automatic

dash not working - x key (firefox)

Hey, I'll get to work on it.
First thing, I should clarify that this is the x button only on controllers. For keyboards, dash is 'shift'. 
Is the x button on your controller not working for dash?
Does the shift button work for dash on your keyboard?


Dash doesn't respond to either shift-key. (chrome, win-10)

Deleted 83 days ago

I think I found the problem. You must first be moving in a direction before pressing shift in order to dash in that direction. In a later update, after adding some visual indication of where the player is facing, I intend to make it so that pressing shift while stationary will have the you dash in the last direction you were facing.

oops accidentally deleted my earlier post. fix is above